Day 2

The first thing we did on Wednesday was going to the Waffle house. The best word to describe it would be dirty. It looked pretty bad from the outside and even worse from inside, but the breakfast they make is simply amazing. I had a Texas Melt sandwich. That consisted of 2 really thick slices of bread, bacon, egg,cheese and mayonnaise. It was really good. After that, we drove over to seans parents so I could use the internet while they did their laundry. We dropped Lau off because she had to work. She is working in the service at a really prestigious hotel. Sean and I went then to Grapevine,which is 15 minutes away. They have a huge outlet mall. nike and under armour included.
At 3:30, sean had a work-out scheduled, who is playing at one of the local middle-schools, Colleyville, sean played there too. We picked him up at home and drove to the schools stadium. It was amazing. They had a football field, tennis courts, basketball courts a gym where the students can workout. And everything was unlocked even though it is summer-breack right now.
The kids name was Matt and he was 15 years old, but looked like 18. His parents are paying Sean to work with him. I ran some routes for them and caught some balls.
After one pretty intense hour in the Texas heat, we drove him home and went for a ride around town. I got to see the huge differences of life in Texas. Some neighborhoods had huge fancy houses and expensive cars, others had little damaged houses and 20 year old pick-up trucks. We stopped at Colleyvilles highschool and checked out the football stadium ( the red and white one on the the pictures below). It was huge. Colleyville is descent in football but no great as sean told me. We then drove to Carroll Highschool and checked out their stadium. Again, stadium unlocked. According to Sean, the Carroll Dragons are one of the best highschool football programs in the nation.
On our way home, we got something to eat from subway and picked up Lau from work. The rest of the evening consisted of beers, pizza and partly thoughtful conversations on the balcony. Lau had the great idea to take the fans out so it was not too hot out there.






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