Day 3

Lau had to go to university early and to work afterwards. So we had the time to do a lot of things. At 10AM, we had to pick up seans older brother Scott at the airport. He came home from Kalamazoo, Michigan where he had an introduction into his new job. He is living right in downtown Dallas. Little geographic lesson right here. Sean and his parents are living in Dallas Fort Worth. If your are driving east, you will pass Arlington with the football and baseball stadium after 10 minutes. If you keep on driving for 10 more minutes after that, you will be in Dallas. We parked the car at scotts house and took his car,because it had a better AC. Seans mom and sister left for Chicago this morning, so we met with his dad downtown to go and get something to eat.
At around 2 Pm, we drove back to Scotts place and got the car. Now it was time to do some sight-seeing. First, we went to the place where John F. kennedy got shot. Since the museum ticket would have been 20 dollar a person ??? I received my VIP tour by Sean. We kept on walking through the east-end of dallas, where the music scene is really big and other things as well.
We left Dallas after about 1 hour and headed back towards Dallas Fort Worth. The next stop were the not so well known, but really historical stock yards. This was the place the people dealt with their property ( cows, horses, gold…)
This was really cool to see, because it was like one of the oldest places around here and you could see how the houses and streets looked back in the days and some of these old western movies were pretty accurate.
On the way home sean wanted to stop in this cute, quite, small town called bedford to get something called snoballs ( pictures below)
Sean recommended strawberry so we got that. It was simply amazing.
I am telling everybody right here, if you will ever make it to Texas, this is the one thing you will have to get. It was a cup with crush-ice and strawberry flavor of course, but this was not that sirup stuff everybody was using. It was really made with fresh fruits and that made it way better. They also put hot cream on top that gave the finishing touch. Uhhh, i can not stop dreaming about it.
That was it pretty much for the day. The walking and the heat got us tired so we did not felt like doing anything at night. We watched some „the office“ DVDs like we did back in Germany all the time together and sat on the balcony for a couple of hours again.










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