Day 4

We started of with breakfast at Denny’s which is similar waffle house, but bigger with more restaurants. After that, we went to different sports shops like Dicks sporting goods. We got us some rangers hats for the game. The tour at the cowboys stadium started at 4:15 and took about 1 and an half hour. We got to see: the owners box, the sweets, press box, press conference room, cheerleader and player locker rooms and we also went down to the field. This stadium is really great and the cowboys definitely got style. The cowboys stadium and the baseball park are right next to each other. We just drove down the street and because we had seans moms lexus, we were able to park right in front of the entrance. We met seans friends Madison, Ahmed, Zach and BreAnna. Seans dad joint us later too. Sean booked tickets for the cheapest section since nobody wanted to pay to much. The seats were at the very top of the stadium and right on the foul line on the first base side and they were more than fine, you could see almost everything nicely. No need to pay 80$. The stadium was about 75-80% full and the atmosphere was great.
We left after the 7th inning, because we had to get up early. On the way home we stopped to get burgers, because the waiting time for food in the stadium was about 45 minutes during the whole game.
That was my last day in Texas and to be honest, I already miss it. The weather was great the sights were great and the people were the best. No matter, where you went, the service people are always polite and the people around town are really friendly and always funny. I do think that the germans could be more like the people here. There is that feeling I can not really describe, but there in like a strong bond between the people. They are all a part of Texas and they got no problem with welcoming a foreigner to that.
Bottom line… TEXAS IS THE BEST









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