Day 5 ( NO. 1 )

We got to the airport at 7 and the flight was at 8:20, we were kinda late.
It was a lot of hustling around the, but I made it. There was something going on at the airport, police and fire-fighters were patrolling. No planes were allowed to take off, so everything pilled up. We started with a 45 minute delay.
The flight was short, really short, less than one hour. When I got out of the security area, Jay Romig of the Saints was already waiting for me. We went to the hotel and I could check out my room. It is incredible.
After that, we drove over to the facilities which are 10 minutes away.
It is amazing how clean and luxurious they are. I got to meet some of the equipment guys. They are all around my age and really nice. I immediately got invited to play fifa with them on the xbox , which is set up in the locker room. The probably think that all germans are good in soccer.
We walked around for awhile and I saw the weight room and the indoor-filed.
There is not too much going on on a saturday afternoon. The veteran players will get here on the 25th and the rookies are done with their lifting sessions at 10 am. Everybody got this last week-end before the camp off to do something with their families. Only the equipment guys are getting everything ready.
We went to get something to eat at McArthurs. Their main thing are sandwiches. Jay dropped me off at the hotel at around 2 pm, because he had other things to do in the afternoon. I ran into the first player in the elevator. His name was Keavon Milton and he is a TE from Louisiana-Monroe Uni.
He is a really nice guy. Other than hime, I have not seen any other people around, because the saints are blocking the whole hotel,but not many have moved it yet.
I spent the most of the day in my room and watched college football on tv.
It was a quite first day. We will see what sunday brings. I cant wait to get to work.









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