First week

I am sorry that it took me so long to get back here. The last days consisted of things that were not worth to report or things I was not allowed to talk about.
On monday, the other interns came in. There are 3 guys from oregon (19,19,16 years old), one guy from florida (16) and 2 guys from the area (19,19) who go to LSU. I like all of them and it is fun to hang out. Monday till thursday were for the most part boring, walking around to find work but probably only worked for one hour a day.
Friday was finally the big day. First practice. More than 2000 people in attendance and it was terribly hot. Everyone had a different job. All jobs had a positive and a negative side. I had to drive to golf card and bring VIPs and handicapped people from the parking lot to the entrance. I was busy the whole time. Good thing was, i had some nice conversations and it was not too hot while driving. Bad thing was, i did not see anything from practice. That will change in the future because we will rotate with the jobs.
It was tough, because I also did the attendance checking for the meals, because i am the only one who knows the players names and faces, even better than the guy who is doing it for the 4th year in a row.
So i got up at 6, did the checking, when to practice, did lunch checking, went to practice, did dinner checking, went to bed at 12. The day was tough on the body, everything hurts. And it was only day 1 of camp.
I met all the coaches and they are all ok. Some are nicer, some are more quite. Coach Payton is a real authority, when he walks in a room, everybody gets quite and sits straight .
The players can be really different too. Some just ignore you because of arrogance, while others always greet you and crack jokes. For some reason the DBs are the coolest. I am really close with ‚Kwasi whose real name is akwasi owusu-ansah, he just got signed this week. He comes from a small school and was drafted by the cowboys in the 4th round a few years ago. I remembered his name, because I was watching him killing the eagles in a game few years ago. I am also good friends with Chris Carr, who was really successful with the ravens a few years ago. Chris is around 30, he has been around for awhile. It is his first year with the saints too. He travelled many times to europe before and I think that we will meet there again at some point down the road. The third guy is Roman Harper who is better known. He is one of the guys who are with the saints for a long time. He won the superbowl with them and he made it to a couple of pro-bowls. Roman went to the university of alabama. Every time we run into each other, we say the classical “ Roll Tide“. Ingrid and Bama fans know what I am talking about.
I am glad that there is now work to do, although it seems like it is going to be tough. Sometimes, you get really bored and you think: “ this is only a job too“. But at other times you are sitting with 4 pro-bowlers at lunch :-O ( roman harper- alabama- ss, jimmy graham- miami-te, jon vilma-miami-lb and thomas morstead-smu-punter) that is an overwhelming feeling.
The only sad thing is that everything here works with connections. I am not complaining, I am in, but there are other guys who don’t know anybody and they never get a chance. It is terrible to see some of the other guys i am working with who are doing it only for the money and their dads got them in, although they have no interest in football at all and don’t want to make that their profession either. I think that is really messed up, because others want to do it.

This was an quick resume. Keep checking for updates.

GO SAINTS…and like my friend roman would say… ROLL TIDE


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