Second week

The days come, and the days go. We reach the point where everybody knows that we are in camp. That means that you loose track of the date and the day. Everyday consists of two practices, no changes. You feel that everybody is pretty tired and you really wish for some time alone, because you are around the same people all day long. I would love to take a walk in the forest or sit on a porch and listen to the quietness, but there is neither one around. I am still doing a few different tasks every day, which is good, because it is not getting too boring. Do not get me wrong, i am still enjoying my time and i am happy to be here, but it is way tougher than I would have thought. The food is probably the worst. You get every day pretty much the same and it is not good at all. During the practices, I am doing chain-crew most of the time and other than that, i am doing the attendance checking at the meals.
On wednesday, I had enough of the same people and all that wasted time I have during my breaks. I went to the equipment room and ask if they need help after everybody else declined it. The thing I learned, they always have something to do for you. I helped them with laundry and practice preparation.
It finally feels like working. I do not know why people still think I came for doing some form of vacation and not to work, which is pretty frustrating. It also feels good to be around older and more matured people who also have some clue about the sport they are working in, not like the other guys. They also really appreciate the help. I don’t know how often I heard thanks in the last week, but it was not too often. Today, i heard it at least 30-40 times, not that I need it, but you get an idea about the importance of your help.
It is unbelievable how much the fact that I am from Germany helps me. Everybody keeps me in mind. Most of the people I met kept me name in their mind. The ones that forgot it, still remember me as the german guy. I kinda feel like the circus attraction… in a good way. I always hear “ hey, did you met the german guy yet ?“ And then I will get introduced. It is funny how people react to that, but definitely helps me to leave a mark, because they remember my name and background first, and then my good work.
At the end, I keep myself busy and that pays off right now and will in the future.


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