Day 2

The first thing we did on Wednesday was going to the Waffle house. The best word to describe it would be dirty. It looked pretty bad from the outside and even worse from inside, but the breakfast they make is simply amazing. I had a Texas Melt sandwich. That consisted of 2 really thick slices of bread, bacon, egg,cheese and mayonnaise. It was really good. After that, we drove over to seans parents so I could use the internet while they did their laundry. We dropped Lau off because she had to work. She is working in the service at a really prestigious hotel. Sean and I went then to Grapevine,which is 15 minutes away. They have a huge outlet mall. nike and under armour included.
At 3:30, sean had a work-out scheduled, who is playing at one of the local middle-schools, Colleyville, sean played there too. We picked him up at home and drove to the schools stadium. It was amazing. They had a football field, tennis courts, basketball courts a gym where the students can workout. And everything was unlocked even though it is summer-breack right now.
The kids name was Matt and he was 15 years old, but looked like 18. His parents are paying Sean to work with him. I ran some routes for them and caught some balls.
After one pretty intense hour in the Texas heat, we drove him home and went for a ride around town. I got to see the huge differences of life in Texas. Some neighborhoods had huge fancy houses and expensive cars, others had little damaged houses and 20 year old pick-up trucks. We stopped at Colleyvilles highschool and checked out the football stadium ( the red and white one on the the pictures below). It was huge. Colleyville is descent in football but no great as sean told me. We then drove to Carroll Highschool and checked out their stadium. Again, stadium unlocked. According to Sean, the Carroll Dragons are one of the best highschool football programs in the nation.
On our way home, we got something to eat from subway and picked up Lau from work. The rest of the evening consisted of beers, pizza and partly thoughtful conversations on the balcony. Lau had the great idea to take the fans out so it was not too hot out there.






Day 1

I arrived in Dallas at 2 PM local time. It was such a good feeling to get of the plane, even though I had to wait a long time because the old people could not get organized. I sat in the very back of the plane and had to walk all the way to the front to get out. People are crazy, 90% of the seats were so messy and dirty. I knew I had to go through controlls and the customs, but not how bad it would be. We went into a huge hall with 50 counters. 25 for american citizens and 25 for not americans. Out of these 25, 4 were open on both sides. And this is definetly not a fast process with taking fingerprints and photos. It was terrible, people were so nervous and unpatient. At the point I finally made it to the top of the line, they thought that I did not deserve it yet, so they called about 30 people behind me to move ahead because they had to catch another flight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to miss their flight, but they could work faster and efficient if they would open more counters. But no, 5 more officers were sitting in the back drinking coffee and chilling. At the end, it took me 2 and a half hours of mental and physical abuse, because you have to stand there and can not go to the bathroom. I made it through and went to get my suitcase. The problem was that it was an all black suitcase. Realy easy to spot ;-). After one airport worker told me drop-off #5, I went there to check it. But with my luck, the suitcase seemed to be gone. I went back and asked a lady working there, she told me #8. and I am so glad that I found it. This was not it yet, because we had to go through another check. While standing in the line, a huge, black, mean looking police offer came with the drug dog towards me. He checked me from the shoes to the top and saw my bulls shirt and Ohio State hat. He kept starring for a few seconds and said “ What’s up bro ?welcome home“ 😀
When I finally got out there, Sean and Lau were waiting for 3 hours.
We took off and went to a restaurant called chilis
As you will see on the pictures, we had nachos and other stuff. i had a cheeseburger. Sean ordered me a strawberry lemon to drink… I did not know what that ment. It was the first discovery of the day. Still can’t get over how good it was. After 2 minutes, the waitress already brought to more glasses. I asked Sean if he ordered them, but the Myth was true… You only pay once and you get free refill :-O.
After that we went to different shops to get stuff for their flat. They just moved into a new place on monday and a lot of basic things are still missing. That took some time. We drove around a little bit and stopped a seans friend Brian, who I knew from the numerous calls sean received from him in germany.
We hang out for a little while and went back to another store to get a bed for me. They had to buy something for me to sleep on, but that was no problem, because right after I leave, laus‘ sister is coming for a month and she needs something too. We got such an bed you can blow up. It is not the hilton, but good enough for the few days. By that time we got that done, whe headed over to Seans parents. It was nice to meet them too.
Jarons dad was right went he told me that in Texas everything is bigger. It is funny how everything is set up. Everybody is living in these isolated neighbourhoods with fenses around and a big gate with an nightwatchman.
We made it to Seans place at around 11. lau went to bed and sean and I were stitting on the porch enjoying an american beer and watching an for Texas unusual storm with a lot of rain and thunder. I went to bed at around 12- 12:30 even though I was still not tired at all. For some reason I barely slept tonight.
I am finaly realizing where I am and now we have to make the most out of it in these few days.




The Trip

I had enough time to get a quick shower, some breackfast and my stuff ready. We left at 6:15 and arrived in frankfurt at around 8.
This was perfect,because i went through the check-in and security and did not had to sit around and wait for the flight. Everything went realy smooth. No problem with the bags and I was even allowed to take my cookies with me on the plane. Nowadays, you never know what they ban next for security reasons ;-). I would have never expected to get it done without ANY problems.
To be honest, I was pretty nervous about the flight, because I have not done it for such a long time. Anyways, it worked fine and i was not nervous at all from the boarding on. The flight route is puzzling me, because we were flying via the north sea, scottland, canada, michigan, missouri and the down south to Dallas Fort Worth ???
To this point, I had many positives. Now, i have to complain a little bit. I got the only freacking seat on the plane where the screen was not working. That means no movie for mike :-(… Big bummer right here. Another problem is that I was only flying with older german couples and big families with young children. Not one person close to my age around here. All this made it kinda boring. In addition to that, I was way to excited to sleep. I was pretty much sitting around watching the roof,while hoping that the time goes by faster.
I know that I realy went into the details, but hey , when the days are getting busier, the post probably will get shorter ;-).
There was another hilarious situation. I was sitting on the outside of this middle part. ( 5 seats) Following order from left to right: Dad, Mum, little girl( max. 5 years old) , little boy ( between 5 and 8 i’d guess) and me. All ASIANS. The stewardess comes by for drinks. She asks me and I order a sprite. She leans forward to ask the boy next to me. He says: “ no. Thanks“ . She turns back to me and says “ oh… Your son is so cute“ …. No comment needed 🙂
I could not wait to get off the plane and see Sean again. He was going to pick me up from there airport. I will also be staying with him and his wife Lau for the next few days.
For those who don’t know him, Sean was the quarterback for the Canes 2 years ago. He was the first guy who stayed with my parents and me. Followed by many more. He is one of my best friends ever. Because of his stints with the Valencian Firebats (Spain) and Oslo Vikings( Norway) and all his work to get his masters degree, the frequency of our conversations decreased drasticaly, I still do know that he is always there for me if I got a problem. Those days will be awesome. The plan is to check out a lot of things, among them are a Texas Rangers game ( Baseball) and I still can not believe that I will go there before I make it to the Linc in Phily, but we are going to visite the Dallas Cowboys stadium :-/ Sean is a realy big cowboys fan. Maybe I will be able to confess him and get him on the right tracks… WHO DAT NATION.


Last Day in Germany

I had a great last day in Germany. Jaron and Andre took me downtown to go and grap something to eat. We ran into Mo and his girlfriend Cindy on the way. Most of you know them. If not, Mo is the Defensive Coordinator on my team and he is also playing TE in the seniors team. He has been around forever, ever since my first years with the Canes. He is an unbelievable help for me with running that team. He recommended to go to a restaurant called vapiano. It was my first meal there and it was just awesome. I had spaghetti Carbonera and they were the best I ever had. Just WOW. After that we went to get Ice-cream , because that was a must on a such beautiful sunny day. Later, we did some shopping, because Jaron needed some stuff for the „beach“.
Jaron and Andre went lifting afterwards, because they have to stay in shape in those four weeks without football. They realy made this last day special. Thanks a lot guys !
I drove over to my grandpas place to celebrate his birthday with some other family-members. We had a nice BBQ although I was already pretty nervous about my flight. We left early, because I still had to get my stuff organized and packed. I went to bed at 1 AM and got up at 4:30 AM.